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Musik kreativ+ (Erasmus+)

Promotion of creativity and entrepreneurship through music, artistic performance, and cultural cooperation

Förderung von Kreativität und Entrepreneurship durch Musik, Performance und kulturelle Zusammenarbeit

  • Project code: VG-SPS-BW-14-001601-3
  • Period: 9/2014 – 8/2017
  • Investor: European Union
  • MU Partner: Faculty of Education, Department of Music
  • MU Lead person: doc. PhDr. Judita Kučerová, Ph.D.

The project aims the support creativity in the field of music education in primary and secondary schools. It is based on cooperation between universities, ensembles, and schools. The project includes activities in the field of classical and non-classical music in education. It counts on the connection of the needs of school youth, the scope of professional or semi-professional music ensembles, and multicultural expressions. The main goal is to motivate students to take an interest in music through their own creative activities based on live musical performances by artists from different musical genres and periods. The focus of the project's creators is the effort to increase the potential for creativity and entrepreneurship in the field of music life. The project is based on the cooperation of four partner countries: Germany, France, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Each country is represented by a university workplace, a music ensemble, and a primary or secondary school.

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  • University Szeged (Hungary)
  • University of Konštantín Filozof Nitra (Slovakia)
  • Conservatory Campobasso (Italy)

Students from the 2nd year of bachelor's studies can apply to study the Erasmus+ program.

We recommend studying at the Conservatory in Campobasso for students specializing in piano playing or solo singing.

We recommend studying at the University of Szeged and UKF in Nitra to students regardless of the study program.

In addition to the application, students attach a cover letter and a language certificate (or another proof of language study) for communication in English or German. For studying in Italy, we recommend at least a basic knowledge of Italian.

The field coordinator and contact person for studying abroad within the Erasmus+ program is doc. PhDr. Judita Kucerova, Ph.D. (



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